Hull Literature Festival - Humber Mouth 2007

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Saturday 16th June

Saturday 16th June - 7.30pm
Ferens Live Art Space

Another Dance Company

Choreographer Laura Aldridge


Based on 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and 'Catcher in the Rye', this short dance piece interprets the reader's experience of each of these classic texts. Discarding the constraints of narrative, the dancers explore the experience of escaping into novels and stories. Using movement drawn from a study of the language, patterns of speech and themes used by authors Harper Lee and JD Salinger, Another Dance Company examines the attraction of becoming immersed in an imagined world, regardless of whether that world is dark and painful or light-hearted and humorous.

The piece is performed by three dancers and lasts for 25 minutes.

Saturday 16th June - 7.30pm
Ferens Live Art Space

Mouth of the Humber


Presented by Jez riley French, this is an audiovisual work which uses field recordings of naturally occurring sound around the Mouth of the Humber. Exploring environmental sounds and the hidden sonic of structures and objects, the piece includes captured images, and examines our experience of the aural and visual landscape.

Throughout his long standing career as an improvising musician, intuitive composer, field recordist and visual artist, Jez riley French has created a body of work that both celebrates and challenges concepts of emotive response (in sound and image), naturally occurring music, hidden sonic architecture and the imposed definitions applied to the creative arts; especially those applied to the terms 'music' and 'sound art'.

He is widely regarded as one of Europe's leading artists working with field recordings and his work exploring audible and inaudible environments has been performed, exhibited and released in many countries including France, Japan, Austria, Germany, USA, Canada, the Czech Republic etc.

The piece lasts for 30 minutes.

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