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 Kingston upon Hull City Council 

Kingston upon Hull City Council

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A to Z Guide to Council Services

Dangerous Buildings
Day Centres, Children
Day Centres, Disabled
Day Centres, Elderly
Day Centres,Learning Difficulties
Dead Animals
Deaf, Education
Defects, Gullies
Defects, Road
Defects, Road Drains
Defects, Street
Development Sites
Digital City
Disabled, Garden Maintenance
Disability, Education
Disposal, Dead Animals
Disposal, Garden Refuse
Disposal, Household Refuse
Disposal, Industrial Waste
Disposal, Medicines
Disposal, Needles
Disposal, Rubbish
Disposal, Syringes
Dog Wardens
Dogs, Dead
Dogs, Lost
Dogs, Stray
Domestic Refuse
Drains, Blocked
Drug & Alcohol Services
Dumping (Rubbish)

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Kingston upon Hull City Council
The Guildhall
Alfred Gelder Street
Kingston upon Hull
Tel. 01482 300300
Fax. 01482 616896
Email. [email protected]

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