Acceptable Use Policy : Pupils

1. You must obtain the permission of your parent(s)/guardian(s)  before you can be allowed to use the Internet.

2. You must only access  those services you have been given permission to use.
3. You must not access the service without a supervising Teacher in the room.

4. The work/activity on the Internet must be directly related to school work , except where agreed by the
supervising Teacher.

6. Do not tell anyone who is not a Teacher your login name or password for any service.

7. Do not give personal addresses, telephone / fax numbers numbers of any person.

Under no circumstances give addresses/telephone numbers/fax numbers of any  teachers
and students at Ainthorpe Primary School.

Use of names of students ,or photographs of students will require written permission from
parent(s)/guardian(s). This is recorded on  the Parental Permission Form

8. Do not download ,use or upload any material and use material which is copyright.
Always seek permission from the owner, before using any material from the Internet.
If in doubt, or you cannot obtain permission, do not use the material

9. Under no circumstances should you view, upload or download and material which is likely to be
unsuitable for children or schools.This applies to any material of a violent,dangerous, racist ,or
inappropriate sexual content. If you are not sure about this, or any materials, you must ask your

10. Always respect the privacy of files of other users. Do not enter the  file areas of other students or staff without obtaining permission from them first.

11. Your Teacher(s) may view any material you store on the school's computers, or on disks you use in school's computers.

12. Be polite and appreciate that other users might have different  views than your own. The use of
strong language, swearing or aggressive behaviour is not allowed.