Hull Literature Festival 2001 8th - 18th November
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'Double Vision'

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This is how it started and now here we are, Double Vision, on-line critics for Humber Mouth 2001. However, there have been a few bumpy moments. Take our photographic session with the ravishing Ray, techno-wiz at Wyke College. Of the resulting twenty shots, there were only four which we could even consider being made public. Looking at the results was the most demoralising experience possible. We came to the conclusion that we would be far better employed spending time at the gym* instead of sitting writing reviews. Will we resolve this dilemma? Will all be revealed over the next few weeks?

About Double Vision

SUE WILSEA is a local writer whose work includes poetry� short stories plays and non-fiction. Sue has been both runner-up and winner of the Humber Mouth and East Riding poetry competitions in recent years. She has reviewed regularly for 'In the Picture' magazine� has had short stories broadcast by BBC radio and was published in 'Root'. Sue's stage plays have been performed locally and at the Edinburgh Festival. She is currently working on a novel� the basis of which was produced during a summer workshop with Beryl Bainbridge.

JACKIE GOODMAN has written on the arts for local and national papers and journals� including Times Educational Supplement� The Music Teacher and The Guardian. Her consultancy work has covered a wide range of arts issues. Her creative and management experience in dance and the performing arts gives her an understanding of a wide range of art forms.

Sue and Jackie have collaborated on a number of arts initiatives including performances� arts conferences� films and community projects. Their work in the media department at Wyke College gives them hands-on experience of production work� analysis and contemporary cultural issues.

Double Vision operates as an opportunity for collective experience of arts reviewing. During the festival, reviews by a number of guest writers, including students, professionals and others with an interest in the arts, will feature on the web-site.

* We use the gym at Holiday Inn, Hull Marina. Thanks, Mark, for letting us plug into your connection to send our nightly copy!