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This exciting hands-on session in our brand new Discovery Corner focuses on the marine life of our native shores. Our experienced staff enable children to learn about live creatures at close quarters. Animals studied include a selection from the following invertebrates: crabs, sea urchins, starfish, whelks and anemones.

Alive, Alive-O (Also suitable for KS1)
Find out who lives at the seaside and how they move, feed and sense what's going on around them. Discover how they differ from us - and the similarities we share. Learn how we care for our animals to keep them fit and healthy at The Deep.

This exciting hands-on workshop enables pupils to investigate marine life and living processes.

Deep Living (Also suitable for KS1)
How are our bodies like those of marine creatures - and how are they different? Observe and compare animal characteristics in this enjoyable interactive session.

Please note that during the summer term and holiday periods we cannot always offer a live animal display and will then substitute other hands-on activities within the Learning Centre.

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