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Post 16 & Adult


The Deep has won a number of awards including Best Employer in the Leisure & Tourism Industry. The Personnel Officer gives students an insight into The Deep's recruitment & selection procedure, and its policies and procedures to ensure that staff give the very best customer care. Good and bad customer care practices are discussed with examples, as is the evaluation of customer feedback plus competitor benchmarking.


This session may be suitable for students studying Business Studies, Travel & Tourism or Marketing. Why did The Deep achieve 850,000 visitors in its first year compared to the 250-350,000 predicted? Learn why the attraction won 'Best Marketing in the UK Tourist Industry' for its marketing and PR procedures. We look at all aspects of the marketing mix including the 4 P's, SWOT analysis, market research, pricing, sponsorship, advertising and PR.


The Deep was conceived to educate and entertain its visitors about the world's oceans but also heralded the first regeneration project in Hull which aimed to lift the aspirations of the population, as well as to provide a popular visitor attraction for the whole sub-region. Students will learn about how The Deep affected the area - the transport links necessary, the organisation structure and the ethos behind The Deep's success.

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