This is a collection of miscellaneous photos taken over the last year or so. Click on a picture to see it full size. This gallery will be added to when time allows. Please note that two different digital cameras were used, so there are slight differences in quality and resolution between the images. This section will be regularly updated.

Around our school
The main quad outside our assembly hall The main quad outside our assembly hall
One of our playgrounds The Early Years quad

Early Years
The Hungry Caterpillar The main quad outside our assembly hall
The "Jungle" in the EY classroom The Early Years / Reception quad
A variety of play equipment is provided in the Early Years quad The beech tree in the Early Years quad
The Early Years classroom In the EY quad

Our Design and Technology club put together a presentation for a school Control competition held at Sheffield University in July 2000. The club built a house with working lights and working garage door. In the presentation a buggy was driven along the road outside the house activating light sensors which controlled different events. These photos are some of the images used in the club's PowerPoint presentation to other schools at the event.

Design and Technology
Constructing and Controlling fairground rides The project began in the computer room
The ride accelarated and slowed with realistic timing "I think I can see what's making it stick..."
Then it was time to build the lighting circuits And construct the house and garage

Music lessons
We offer FREE peripatethic lessons on a wide range of instruments We offer these places to Year 3, 4 and 5
Currently, applications from girls outnumber those from boys by about 5 to 1. This is something we aim to change.

These phots were taken on a Y5&6 visit to Eden Camp Eden Camp is a museum housed in a WWII Prisoner of War camp.
Many of the children dressed as evacuees for the day. Taken in our computer room on World Book Day