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The Flume

At the centre of the research effort is the Total Environment Simulator, or Research Flume

This amazing research tool can recreate coastal, estuarine and river environments in miniature to study environmental changes in the laboratory.

The total environment simulator is unique in the world. No other facility can match the range of environments that The Deep's flume can recreate.

16m long, 6m wide and 1.6m deep the flume weighs a massive 200 tonnes when in use

The flume can make its own currents and waves. It even generates rainstorms with torrential downpours of 100mm of rain per hour.

Gigantic underground pumps can recirculate water and sediment at a colossal 1000 litres every second.

The research flume is a specially designed tank enabling working scale models of real environments to be created. It will simulate physical environments including coastal, estuarine and riverine areas.

The flume offers a unique research opportunity, and will attract visiting researchers to the site further enhancing the Project's reputation as a Centre of Excellence.



The pumps for the flume arrive on site and are lifted into place.


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