Hull Literature Festival - Humber Mouth 2006

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Tuesday 20th June

Tuesday 20th June, 5pm - 7pm
Suite 2, Princes Avenue House, Princes Avenue.

Workshop: Word-Play
Free 01482 850 539

The first of three workshops exploring words as signs, images and patterns and offering an introduction to the techniques of concrete poetry and prose. If you'd like to see your name in crayon, join Round the Block in an event which requires no experience but an interest in colouring-in. Open to all ages.

Word-Play celebrates the 30th anniversary of Hull Community Playschemes Association.

Tuesday 20th June, 6.30pm
Live Art Space, Ferens Gallery

John Pilger:
Freedom Next Time

�5 Box Office 01482 226655

John Pilger photo John Garrett

John Pilger is one of the most outstanding journalists and documentary film-makers of our time. Talking about his latest book, Freedom Next Time, he looks at some of the greatest struggles for freedom of recent years and the enduring injustices which remain.

When Nelson Mandela stepped out of prison in 1990, the elation in South Africa and around the world was palpable. But true freedom for his people remains a distant dream. Why? John Pilger describes how people battling to free themselves often glimpse freedom, only to see it taken away.

In South Africa, India, Palestine, Afghanistan and the forgotten Chagos islands, Pilger's vivid eyewitness reporting and tenacious interviews with the powerful blow away the secrets and lies of our rulers and turn a searchlight on to events consigned to shadows by an unrecognised, yet virulent censorship.

John Pilger, born in Sydney, Australia, is the author of many books including Aftermath: The Struggle of Cambodia and Vietnam (1981), Hidden Agendas (1998) and The New Rulers of the World.

His expansive career in documentary film making, completing 51 films to date, includes The Quiet Mutiny (1970), which broke the story of the insurrection of drafted soldiers in Vietnam; Thalidomide: The Children We Forgot (1974); Palestine Is Still The Issue (1974); Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy (1994); and The New Rulers of the World.

An accredited war correspondent in Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, and Biafra, his reports have been featured frequently in The Daily Mirror, London; The Guardian, London; The Independent, London; The New York Times; The Los Angeles Times, The Nation among many other international publications. Mr. Pilger is also a regular contributor to BBC Television, BBC Radio, BBC World Service, London Broadcasting, and ABC Television.