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The Deep buildings were designed by world class architects Sir Terry Farrell & Partners.

Part of the regeneration of Hull, The Deep is set to become an internationally recognised landmark and project the pioneering heart of the City.

With a new pedestrian/cycle bridge over the River Hull, The Deep marks a new era in the regeneration of this great city and its river corridor.

The building exploits the landscape on which it is built and was inspired by natural geological land formations. Gleaming glass and aluminium thrust into the dramatic landscape on the confluence of the two rivers marking the historic entry to Kingston Upon Hull with a brand new future!

"I genuinely consider that this project has the potential to be regarded as one of the most characterful and unique new public buildings in Britain"

Sir Terry Farrell






Follow the building of The Deep from the early stages in April 1999 through to December 2001.

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1999 : The Big Bang

2000 : Rising From the Depths

2001 : The Deep Evolves





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