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History of Sammy's Point

In 1543 Henry VIII built a castle on part of the site to guard against attack from the East.

A new fortification was built in 1681 by Charles II on a much grander scale called the Citadel. This Citadel was used by military forces for nearly 200 years until the 1850's. The Citadel was flattened in 1864 to make way for new dock facilities.

During the time of the Citadel there was a pier which went into the River Hull and the land on which The Deep now stands did not even exist!

By 1842 land had been reclaimed on either side and when Victoria Dock was built in 1850 the dug out mud was used to reclaim even more land at the point.

Martin Samuelson set up a shipyard in 1857 on this new piece of land and it was from Mr Samuelson that the point took its current name - Sammy's Point.

In 1864 the point was sold to the Humber Iron Works and Ship Building Company and then in 1872 was bought by Bailey and Leetham Ship Owners. Finally in 1903 it was bought by Thomas Wilson and Son.

Later in the century, the point was used by the Humber conservancy as the Buoy Depot and was derelict from the 1980's until bought by EMIH for the building of The Deep!



Sammy's Point Sammy's Point Sammy's Point Sammy's Point



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