Hull Literature Festival 2001 8th - 18th November
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An evening with
Amy Rigby (USA)
The Bull Hotel
Thursday 8th November

Travelling about a mile up Beverley Road from the Central Library to the Bull Hotel, from the launch of the Festival to an evening with Amy Rigby, was in some ways a far greater distance. Younger people, less light and smoke characterised the latter but there was a difference in attitude too - less deferential, more matter of fact. But aren't these differences what festivals are about anyway? Not that I was convinced that this was the best place for Amy Rigby who I'd preferred to have seen in a bigger, more central venue better suited to her big voice and big talent. Ripples of Joni Mitchell , the best of country music ( which normally makes me nauseous ) and classic pop spread over the surface of the evening. I loved her songs ( 'Beer and Kisses' and ' Cynically Yours' appealed to this old feminist ) her self -deprecating wit and her jokes ( " Mum, I want to be a drummer when I grow up." " You can't be both" ) I played her latest album The Sugar Tree when I got home and so stayed up way past my bedtime.

Support, in the form of Simeon, was also very good. A 60's influence was similarly apparent in this young songwriter who gave an engaging performance. He told me he is studying Phonic Art which sums up what we got at The Bull last night. Well done to local promoter Andy Richardson - an excellent start to the Festival!

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