Hull Literature Festival 2001 8th - 18th November
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African Visions 4
The Season of Men
Hull Screen, Central Library
Reviewed by Laura Smith + Dani Beaumont
Friday 16 November & Saturday 17th November

The basic plot of this film was seven women and their children who have been abandoned by their husbands on the small island where they were all born. Their husbands, who have gone to the town of Tunis in search of work (mainly consisting of opening corner shops) stay in Tunis for 11 months of the year only to return for one month - the 'season of men' of the title. The film was set on a small island , Djerba, in Turkey although we were not told this information but had to gather it from our interpretations. Throughout the film the women, men and children spoke Turkish with subtitling in English. Overall I think the film was very confusing as straight from the beginning we were dropped in at the deep end and left to gather what information we could. Only towards the end did we begin to realise what was actually happening and how the story came together. Flashbacks, which were a major part of The Season of Men , formed one of the film's strongest features , helping me to piece together all of the information we were given and showing why these women were so weak. In conclusion I would judge this film just ok because of the confusing scenes and ( to be brutal ) the poor visual techniques.

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