Hull Literature Festival 2001 8th - 18th November
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Life according to King Rollo (aka Graham Rawlinson)
as told to Double Vision
The Minerva pub, 18.11.01

King Rollo's Unexpurgated Truth Blues

Moved away from London
And ended up in Hull
Marketing for builders
Was getting rather dull
Nineteenth nervous breakdown
I had to get away
Searching for some reason
To see me through the day

Found a new direction
My music took me there
Met a certain someone
Became spiritually aware
Well out of the rat race
Life became so sweet
Turned my back on London
And moved to Coltman Street

Play the clubs and pubs here
Adelphi, Tap and Spile
Travel round the country
Ev'ry once in a while
Even when I travel
I know that Hull is home
On the local circuit
I'm getting quite well known

Most pubs that have live music
Do it to sell beer
My vision for the future's
Becoming very clear
Good karma, love and music
Lead to enduring youth
This is Rollo's version of
The Unexpurgated Truth

King Rollo's album 'The Unexpurgated Truth' is available.

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