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{ Hull Literature Festival 2003 6th - 16th November 2003
 the humber mouth }

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{ Tuesday 11th November }

The Independent Art School *

In a society that is increasingly regulated, where spaces are increasingly private and where the 'client-group' is increasingly protected from itself through over-cautious policies and structures the Independent Art School seeks to claim a light-hearted space for critical reflection.

Pippa Koszerek: Plan B
Outdoor Art Installation/Intervention
Location: Undeveloped land on the Corner of Myton Street and Waterhouse Lane (between Staples and Princes Quay Shopping Centre)
Tuesday 11 November, All Day

Artist Pippa Koszerek intervenes in spaces. She creates a playful alternative to, and outlook on regenerative planning in Hull. She has developed the concept of the Independent Art School since 1999. Plan B will see her creating a new version of the typical regeneration and historical display boards that adorn Hull City Centre. Plan B draws on the 1940s idea of the Adventure Playground as an alternative model for creative self-discovery. Koszerek's new display boards will be sited outdoors alongside a metaphorical playground installation.

See venue map for location.

St Hilda�s Church Hall, Annandale Road, Greatfield, Hull 2pm -4pm
An Afternoon with Jim Eldon
Free Tel 01482 709664

A unique figure on the English folk scene Hull fiddler Jim Eldon draws upon a rich repertoire of traditional East Riding music and song collected over the last thirty years. Over the summer he recorded his fourth session for Andy Kershaw on BBC Radio 3 and released his new CD Fiddle and Song (Stick Records).

Jim will be joined by Lynette Eldon and other special guests.

�A national treasure� Andy Kershaw

Learning Centre, KC Stadium - 6pm
Enigma Project:
The Secret World of Codes and Code Breaking

Free Tel 01482 616961

Join Claire Ellis from Simon Singh's Enigma Project for a demonstration of an original WW2 Enigma cipher machine and presentation about the different secret codes used throughout the ages, from the Ancient Greeks right up to World War Two. A former 'explainer' at the Science Museum, Claire will explain how scientists and mathematicians have changed the course of history by cracking codes. The presentation includes stories of espionage, treason and deception as well as a creative look at problem solving.

Claire Ellis is Director of the Enigma Project with the science writer and broadcaster Simon Singh (The Code Book, Fermat's Last Theorem). The aim of the project is to engage young people with science, maths and history through codes and code breaking, and to demonstrate that mathematicians can be heroes too! Claire will be working with school groups throughout the afternoon.

Central Library, Albion Street, Hull - 7.30pm
Writing for Children
�3/�2 Tel 01482 223344

Could you be the next J.K. Rowling or Lemony Snicket? If so, this is a workshop which will get you started with a range of simple writing exercises and advice from children's authors Graham Denton and Gina Douthwaite.

Graham Denton is a children's writer and editor of Hands Up Books, publishing A Bag of Stars and Giving You the Willies: Delightfully Devlish Verse and Much, Much Worse! and has recently been commissioned by Macmillan Children's Books to compile an anthology of verse on the theme of superstition.

Gina Douthwaite's collections include Picture a Poem and What Shapes an Ape? (Random House). She has published extensively in anthologies, educational publications and has had work broadcast on BBC Radio. Gina works as a Writer-in- Schools and as a Creative Writing Tutor for adults.

Hull Screen, Albion Street, Hull - 7.30pm
Jeremy Hardy vs the Israeli Army (U)
Dir: Leila Sansour 2002 1hr 15 mins

'Britain might just have found its very own Michael Moore. This outstanding documentary...follows the stand-up comedian Jeremy Hardy as he travels to the occupied West Bank in Easter 2002 at the invitation of the International Solidarity Movement of Palestine' Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

More powerful than any newscast, this film gives some insight into the behaviour of the occupying forces on the West Bank and the International Solidarity Movement of Palestine. Hardy, for the most part genuinely terrified by what he sees, cannot address all the questions but gives an honest account of his experiences.

'Whatever your views, this riveting film shows in living colour how the occupying forces display what G.K.Chesterton called 'bullyism': a neurotic, belligerent love of picking on the underdog' Peter Bradshaw

Festival Critic: Jeremy Hardy vs the Israeli Army

Hull Truck Theatre, Spring Street, Hull - 8pm
Woza Albert!
The Market Theatre, Johannesburg
�6/�4 Box Office 01482 323638

With song, dance, mime and drama, two extraordinary performers create dozens of characters as the Second Coming arrives in pre- Mandela, apartheid-ridden South Africa.

Hailed as South Africa's finest ever piece of social theatre, Woza Albert! has had over 1000 performances all over the world and is as relevant now as when it burst onto the stage in Johannesburg in 1981. This is a show with inventive wit, energy and optimistic fun.

A series of lightning character sketches zig zag through the course of Christ's second ministry, illuminating the contrasts of everyday life in South Africa. Tourist spots like the gold mines and Sun City are shown against the teaming pavements of Albert Street and the search for work. The meat seller, the hairdresser and the old woman forced to dig through rubbish for her food all have something to ask of Him...

'It is sensational' The Stage 2002

Festival Critic: Woza Albert!

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