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{ Hull Literature Festival 2003 6th - 16th November 2003
 the humber mouth }

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Festival Programme


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Thursday { 6th } November

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{ Preview Events }

Friday October 24th - 7.00pm
The Deep, Hull
David Doubilet: Fish Face
�10 (includes a glass of wine and entry to The Deep)
Tel 01482 381000


The Deep, Hull's �45.5 million Millennium Commission lottery project has rescheduled the special talk by David Doubilet to Monday December 1st. The world's top underwater photographer was forced to cancel his visit at the last minute last week as his plane flying in from New York was delayed by Concorde's final landing at Heathrow. There are a few places at the talk on December 1st remaining.

David Doubilet, the world�s top underwater photographer, gives an illustrated talk at The Deep. American-born Doubilet has photographed fish for over twenty five years. He began snorkelling at the age of eight and by thirteen he was taking his first underwater photographs in the green sea off the New Jersey coast. He published his first pictures in National Geographic in 1972 and has continued to do so regularly since then, reporting on most of the world�s oceans, covering everything from shipwrecks to sharks.

Celebrating the publication of Fish Face (Phaidon), David Doubilet takes us on a journey through unexplored oceans and has a look at the fish that live there. Showing close-up portraits of a wide variety of fish, Doubilet introduces us to the beautiful and the ugly, the spiky and the rotund.

Widely acclaimed as the world�s leading underwater photographer, David Doubilet looks at the most fun, colourful and bizarre fish he has encountered.

Thursday 30th October - 7pm
James Reckitt Library, Holderness Road
Writers Reading: Three Women
Free Tel. 01482 331551 to book.

Novelist Daphne Glazer, publisher and biographer of Philip Larkin Jean Hartley, and former journalist Elaine Sommerville read from their work and talk about their experiences. One of a week of events to celebrate the relocation of the Local History Unit to James Reckitt Library, Holderness Road.

Friday 31st October - 2pm
James Reckitt Library, Holderness Road
A Lighthouse, a Tower, a Battery, their Occupants and their History:
The Story of Paull
Free Tel. 01482 331551 to book

David A. Smith, specialist librarian (local studies) from Hull Local Studies Libary.

Saturday 1st November - 2pm
James Reckitt Library, Holderness Road
The Early Development of Hull Garden Village
Free - Tel 01482 331551 to book

Jane Pietrusiak presents a talk based on her forthcoming article for Friends Historical Journal.

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