The Humber Mouth
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Festival 2003

{ Hull Literature Festival 2003 6th - 16th November 2003
 the humber mouth }

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Festival Programme


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Thursday { 6th } November

Friday { 7th } November

Saturday { 8th } November

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Tuesday {11th } November

Wednesday { 12th } November

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Sunday { 16th } November

Special Commissions 2003

Humber Mouth is offering special commissions of up to �1000 for performance, events, readings, workshops, text-based artwork or multimedia, music, film, dance and literary projects, or to sponsor training & developmental events for individuals and organisations during this year's literature festival in November.

Submissions are invited from people in Hull and the surrounding area. Humber Mouth is looking for original and exciting ideas and welcomes proposals for individuals, collaborations, performances , or funding for visits from established writers or artists to work with local organisations and groups.

Your application must be typed, arrive no later than 12th August 2003, and should be sent to Humber Mouth 2003, City Arts Unit, Central Library, Albion Street, Hull HU1 3TF
Submissions can be sent electronically to [email protected]

Submissions must include:

  • a title and a description of the event, project, or programme of work you are proposing, including the lead individual or organisation and any others involved, plus proposed dates and venue if known.
  • a description of the intended audience or participants. If your proposal involves and educational or training element it is important to specify the intended learning outcomes for participants.
  • a budget including all fees, hires, materials and other expenses, and details of the amount you are applying for up to a maximum of �1000. We cannot fund capital items such as purchase of equipment.
  • your name, address, e-mail and/or contact number.

Your idea should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • your idea should have intrinsic literary or artistic value.
  • your idea should fulfil a developmental or educational role.
  • your idea should demonstrate an intention to develop social inclusion, widen access or increase participation in literature or other art forms within the local community.

Further enquiries to [email protected]
Maggie Hannan, Festival Director, Humber Mouth 2003
Telephone 01482 616961

General Enquiries:
City Information Service
at Hull Central Library
Tel: 01482 223344
E-mail: [email protected]

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