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Corporate Plan 2002 - 2005


The publication of this, the City Council's second Corporate Plan, continues to illustrate the Council's aim of opening up it's workings to a wider audience. The Plan explicitly states what the Council is about. In its pages you will find a clear statement of the City Council's corporate aims and objectives along with details of how we will measure our performance against these. Further detail on what the Council will do for the people of Hull can be found in plans produced across the Council by individual services.

As we said in the first Corporate Plan produced last year, we want the document to be a living vision for our city, and not something that sits on a shelf in somebody's office.

Over the coming year, many major changes will occur, both within and external to the Council. The city's local strategic partnership, established at the end of last year, will take a strong lead in the development of effective partnership working in Hull between the public, private, voluntary and community sectors.

Major changes to the city's skyline will also continue as the regeneration of the city continues apace. Within the Council, the new political leadership of a year ago and a changing corporate management structure will be responsible for taking the City Council forward. All of these changes provide the context for a city that is moving forward in the early years of a new millennium and this plan sets out the Council's part in the renaissance of the city of Hull.

Ken Branson
Leader of Kingston upon Hull City Council

Ian Crookham
Chief Executive

Download the Corporate Plan 2002 - 2005

Section 1

  • Foreword
  • City Profile
  • The Council and its Services
  • Modernising Local Governance
  • The Regional and European Agenda
  • Organisational Values
  • Corporate Aims

Adobe PDF document Corporate Plan 2002 - 2005
Section 1
 corporate_plan_1.pdf  Pages 1-16 1.04 MB

Section 2

  • Key Objectives

Adobe PDF document Corporate Plan 2002 - 2005
Section 2
 corporate_plan_2.pdf  Pages 17-30 124.6 KB

Section 3

  • Corporate Performance Management Strategy
  • Resource Planning
  • Corporate Planning
  • Glossary
  • Get involved

Adobe PDF document Corporate Plan 2002 - 2003
Section 3
 corporate_plan_3.pdf  Pages 31-40 150.7 KB

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