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Kingston upon Hull City Council

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Corporate Aims & Objectives

Overarching Aim

�We will work in partnership with all stakeholders to create an inclusive information age European port city, around a competitive, knowledge based economy, in which people wish to live, learn, work and invest�

Corporate Aim 1:

The City Council will work to develop a culture that promotes and respects learning.

Key Objectives:

Secure significant improvement in the level of educational attainment of school age children.

Deal effectively with the issue of surplus school places, and secure improvements to the fabric of the city�s schools.

Develop and promote a full range of high quality learning opportunities for the residents of the city.

Corporate Aim 2:

The City Council will work to improve the environment, creating safer, more inclusive, healthier and more sustainable neighbourhoods and communities.

Key Objectives:

Secure significant reductions in crime, the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour, so as to create sustainable and confident communities.

Create, protect and enhance high quality, sustainable, natural and built environments.

Protect, promote and improve the health, safety and well being of individuals, neighbourhoods and communities.

Improve the quality and range of housing accommodation within the city�s neighbourhoods.

Promote sustainable forms of transport, encouraging greater use of public transport by the maintenance and development of an efficient and accessible transport system.

Corporate Aim 3:

The City Council will work to create a more competitive economy to provide a range of jobs, building on Hull�s potential as a port and as a subregional centre.

Key Objectives:

Promote the economic prosperity of the city and the sub-region by developing an infrastructure and enabling services conducive to business regeneration.

Enable access for individuals to a wider range of job opportunities by removing barriers to employability and promoting skills development.

Exploit the maximum benefit of the city�s port facility for local residents and businesses.

Take advantage of the city�s unique opportunities to make Hull a World Top 10 Information Age City by 2005.

Develop and promote a wide range of tourism, leisure and cultural opportunities.

Corporate Aim 4:

The City Council will work to develop the city centre and the waterfront locations to provide an improved environment for living, working and leisure.

Key Objective:

Encourage city centre use and living through the promotion of a vibrant city centre, exploiting the unique advantages of the character of the Old Town and the city�s waterfront locations.

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