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Kingston upon Hull City Council

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Decision Making Structure

The Council is made up of 60 elected Councillors, 3 from each of 20 wards. The Councillors sit on committees which control the work of the City Council by setting policies which are carried out by council staff.

Standards Committees

The Standards Committee will operate with independence and be chaired by an individual, with the experience and standing needed for the position.

The aim is to set and maintain high standards of behaviour for both councillors and officers, based on National Codes of Conduct and to bring to task anyone who does not observe the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

Scrutiny Committees

All decisions made shall be subject to close scrutiny by a group of committees set up for this sole purpose - to question and challenge Cabinet members and Chief Officers alike. Operating in public they shall be able to commission research and reports. The aim is to achieve a full evaluation of Council policy.

Area Committees and Forums

The Area Committees, which together cover the entire City of Hull are charged with finding ways of working with the public at a local level. Forums will be created in which the community can raise issues and give feedback on the performance and standards of publicly provided services. With the exception of policy making powers, the Council will delegate all existing powers to the Area Committees.

The Area Committees, having consulted with local people, will be able to make proposals to Cabinet on changes to policy. In addition, every possible Council budget will be put under the control of Area Committees to determine local priorities for spending.

Excepted Committees

Some committees will need to be retained either because of statute or function, however these will be on an exceptional basis. These are:

  • Development Control for all planning applications and related issues
  • Legal/Licensing Matters for all quasi-judicial functions
  • Appeals for all service areas
  • Tenders Acceptance for all tenders over �100,000
  • Social Services as required by law and will operate under the Cabinet Committee in the first instance

Cabinet and Cabinet Committees

The Cabinet makes all recommendations on policy following appropriate consultation with the public via the Area Committees.

The Cabinet Committee is the body to which the Cabinet will recommend new policies or changes to existing policies.

This Committee will reflect the political make-up of the whole Council and so will involve councillors from minority political parties.

The Cabinet Committee can also agree to form Task Groups for specific purposes, which can include experts from outside the Council and members of the public.

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