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Wednesday 20th November
The Deep
Erich Hoyt My Life with Orcas
Open from 6.30pm for talk at 7.30pm �10
Tickets available from The Deep tel. 01482 381000
Ticket price includes glass of wine.

World expert on whales and dolphins, marine life and conservation, award winning writer Erich Hoyt visits The Deep to discuss his work on killer whales in the wilds of British Columbia and lately in Kamchatka, Russia. Hoyt will talk about making the first ever film about wild orcas, his involvement with Keiko of Free Willy fame, and his continuing award winning research in the field.
Illustrated by stunning photographs of the orcas he came to know by name, Hoyt�s presentation will include sound recordings which demonstrate the dialects of orca pods.

�Hoyt�s passionate sense of kinship with orca makes his account effective as both science and literature. He has chronicled his adventures and discoveries with grace, insight, wit and a comprehensiveness that might satisfy even Hermann Melville� Discover Magazine on Orca: The Whale Called Killer.

The Deep � the world�s only submarium is Hull�s �45.5m Millennium Commission lottery project.
The submarium is a unique fusion of stunning aquaria combined with the latest interactives to tell the holistic story of the world�s oceans.