The Humber Mouth
Hull Literature
Festival 2002

Hull Literature Festival 2002 
 the humber mouth  14th - 24th November 2002


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Imagine A Dandelion Upside Down

Close Encounters of a Literary Kind

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Next Best Thing

Larkin Unearthed

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{ Online Festival Diary }
Sue Wilsea & Jackie Goodman

Next Best Thing Corner

A few NBTs amongst the audience at Vagina Monologues, Hull Truck Theatre:

  • Ed once stretched David Hockney's canvases
  • Jasper Johns, of American Flag fame, fancied Ed's friend Richard, who was sick on one of Jasper John's canvases, which subsequently fetched a record price at auction.
  • We couldn't find anyone whose name appeared under canvas in Tracey Emin's tent.
  • The St John's Ambulance stretchers are probably made out of canvas.
  • Canvas wasn't mentioned in The Vagina Monologues although there were a number of allusions to stretching of one sort or another
  • Dan Sproat's life is a blank canvas. He's too young to have had a NBT experience


Toby Litt discussed Professor Stephen Hawking in his talk on cult literature:
  • Mike once helped Stephen Hawking out of his car and into a Cambridge college. However, is that where he wanted to go?
  • On his visit to Hull, Toby Litt spent hours curb crawling round Newland Park till he found no.42 where he thought Philip Larkin lived. Unfortunately Larkin actually lived in no.105.


We thought we were on to a NBT winner with Paul Holloway. He must have had hundreds of brushes with Really Important People. But no. 'What do you take me for?' he barked. 'I'm a married man.' Oh well´┐Ż.