The Humber Mouth
Hull Literature
Festival 2002

Hull Literature Festival 2002 
 the humber mouth  14th - 24th November 2002


Chamber of Secrets

Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers

Larking About

Imagine A Dandelion Upside Down

Close Encounters of a Literary Kind

Wreckless, Eric?

Fading, Fifty and 100% South of Watford

Next Best Thing

Larkin Unearthed

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Sue Wilsea & Jackie Goodman

Larkin Unearthed
unpublished fragments of Larkin:

Contributions invited. Please e-mail to [email protected]

'I cut the grass
(did I, my arse)'

Toby Litt

Morning's black fingers slither
Through wasted limbs
Of trees in Newland Park
And drip through high windows
Like vomit onto the
Half-framed sonnet
On my desk
In the dark,
Then slip through the door
Like a jilted lover.
'So what?', the toad on my shoulder croaks.
Sod it. If I finish this one
I'll only have to write another.

A Larkin fragment found wedged in a sash window during recent renovations at Holtby House, Cottingham:

Love poem

The clammy winter fug inside my head obscures
The conjured memory of what you said.
I know no not but neither may be so
The beast's dark shadow hovers low.

In heavy sulphur skies, it coils to spring
And choke and smother everything.
We cannot see what lies before us
I search for words in my thesaurus

What sort of life is life anyway
But work to do and bills to pay?
I suddenly remember what you said.
Frankly, dear, I wish you dead.

Found between the pages of a copy of 'Basic Accounting' in the Brynmor Jones Library, Hull