The Humber Mouth
Hull Literature
Festival 2002

Hull Literature Festival 2002 
 the humber mouth  14th - 24th November 2002


Tariq Ali
Pete McCarthy
Toby Litt
Erich Hoyt
Reality TV
Jon Ronson
Blake Morrison
Vagina Monologues
Oliver James
Weird Sisters
Stewart Home
Robert Edric
Canongate Crime
Big Issue
Philip Larkin

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Tariq Ali

Saturday 23rd November
Hull Truck 8pm
Tariq Ali
�8/6 Box Office 01482 323638

Tariq Ali is an articulate, informed, and passionate advocate of a tradition of Islam that stood out as one of the world�s richest and most progressive cultures. The historic Islamic world which Ali reveals is a complex and diverse culture with an enriching respect and search for alternative structures of knowledge.

In The Clash of Fundamentalisms Ali, author of an acclaimed series of novels on Islamic culture and longtime activist, filmmaker and scholar, discusses the the fundamentalisms of both Western and Islamic culture, the events of September 11th, Afghanistan and the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

Tariq Ali has written over a dozen books on world history and politics, five novels, and scripts for both stage and screen. He is the longstanding editor of New Left Review and writes regularly for the Independent and the London Review of Books.

�Tariq Ali puts the events of September 11th into sweeping historical perspective. As we have come to expect from him, he is lucid, eloquent, literary, and painfully honest, as he dissects both Islamic and Western fundamentalism� Howard Zinn

Close Encounters of a Literary Kind