The Humber Mouth
Hull Literature
Festival 2002

Hull Literature Festival 2002 
 the humber mouth  14th - 24th November 2002


Tariq Ali
Pete McCarthy
Toby Litt
Erich Hoyt
Reality TV
Jon Ronson
Blake Morrison
Vagina Monologues
Oliver James
Weird Sisters
Stewart Home
Robert Edric
Canongate Crime
Big Issue
Philip Larkin

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Tuesday 19th November
Hull Truck 8pm
Toby Litt: Cult Literature
�8/6 Box Office 01482 323638

What do The Wasp Factory, Oranges are not the Only Fruit and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas have in common with Women in Love and Wuthering Heights?

Toby Litt, hailed as Britains answer to Douglas Coupland, discusses his choice of cult literature, talks about what makes a cult classic, and reads from his own and other�s work. Litt�s list encompasses Bronte, Lawrence, Kerouac, Banks, Huxley, Borroughs, Burgess, Golding and many others.

Toby Litt is the author of Beatniks, Corpsing, Deadkidsongs and, most recently, Exhibitionism. Julie Birchill wrote of Litt, �if you don�t want to be him or have him, you�re dead�

�This is a writer who doesn�t quail at taking big risks and who possesses the talent to bring them off�dauntingly good.� Daily Telegraph

�Everything Litt touches turns to gold� Big Issue

Close Encounters of a Literary Kind