Hull Literature Festival 2004 
 the humber mouth  19th June - 4th July 2004

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Sunday 4th July - 7.00pm � Midnight
The Lamp, Norfolk St

Independence Day
New York and Kurdistan


The concert will bring together American and Kurdish artists to celebrate living together in harmony, and the hope of a peaceful future for everyone � Lou Duffy-Howard, organiser.

New York based Anti-war singer songwriter William Nowik will travel to Hull to perform on the last night of the festival with internationally acclaimed Kurdish band Gul Naz.

William Nowik is an author, performer, musician, songwriter, artist, storyteller, journalist, teacher, Zen trickster, Buddhist monk-in-training and Dhama bum. Spending his life for the most part unplugged from mainstream society, he recreates his stories of life in the underground with multi-media work.

The founder members of Gul Naz first met three years ago in an English immigration office after travelling 6000 miles to escape the regime of Sadam Hussein. Since then, they have gained a strong reputation for delivering traditional and contemporary Kurdish dance music to audiences across the country.

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