Hull Literature Festival 2004 
 the humber mouth  19th June - 4th July 2004

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{Friday2nd July}

Friday 2nd July - 8pm
The Sailmaker�s Arms

An Evening with Signe

Dutch singer songwriter back in Hull for a solo accoustic performance.

'She's something else...'

Signe appears on the compilation CD 'Let Us Play'

Plus support

Friday 2nd July
Hull New Theatre

Increpacion Danza: Tablao
�12.50/�10 Box Office: 01482 226655

Uniting the traditions of Spanish Ballet, Flamenco and Contemporary dance, Barcelona based Increpacion Danza return to Yorkshire with their haunting new production Tablao.

With performers in a semi circle, scenes elapse in the implicit dramatic structure of the traditional �tablao� spectacle. Tablao is an open musical game, a classic masterpiece, a truly passionate insight into flamenco dance.

Friday 2nd July - 7pm � 9pm
Hull Central Library

Mslexia: Debbie Taylor
In The Best Possible Taste: the subtle art of writing about sex

Free 01482 616961: booking essential

If your prose reads like pornography every time you venture beyond that row of little dots, this could be the workshop for you. These frank exercises aim to help you develop an original erotic language and vocabulary.

Women only.

Debbie Taylor is Editor of Mslexia, the national magazine for women writers. Her latest novel, The Fourth Queen was described by the Independent as �literary Viagra�.

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