Hull Literature Festival 2004 
 the humber mouth  19th June - 4th July 2004

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Exhibitions & other Projects


{Sunday27th June}

Sunday 27th June - 10.30am
Wyke Sixth Form College

Lemn Sissay
Sold Out

Presentation and workshops by Lemn Sissay, poet, playwright & recording artist. Fusing the lyrical & the polemical, up-beat humour & deadly seriousness - Lemn�s performances are notorious for their powerful energy & dynamism.

His books are published by Payback, Bloomsbury & Bogle L�Ouverture. His recording work includes collaborations with a number of musicians including Leftfield, Bryon Wallen, David Murray, Working Week & Dis Jam.

This is a Rights and Participation Project arts event for looked after young people.

Sunday 27th June - 2.00pm
Hull Truck Theatre, Spring Street

Tim Hunkin:
Illegal Engineering

�4/�3 Box Office 01482 323638

In the last twenty years, the art of safe cracking has tragically declined� Tim Hunkin.

A great family show suitable for illegal engineers of all ages which takes a humorous (and practical) look at the forgotten art of cracking codes and picking locks.

Tim Hunkin functions on the fringes between art and technology. As a cartoonist, his strip, The Rudiments of Wisdom, ran in the Observer for 15 years. As an engineer, he has masterminded a range of innovative projects to bring the public closer to technology and won a NESTA award.

He also wrote and presented the award winning Channel 4 series The Secret Life of Machines � an experience which allowed him to �have fun with electricity for the first time�.

As part of the Humber Mouth, Tim Hunkin will be tackling safes and safe breaking. There will be a live, on-stage demonstration. Naughty.

Sunday 27th June - 8.00pm
Hull Truck Theatre

An Englishman�s Home
�4/�3 01482 323638

Roger Beaumont lives alone in his crumbling mansion in the remote Sussex countryside. When his peace and solitude are disturbed by violent forces from the modern world, Roger defends himself the only way he knows how, facing the rigor of the law whilst becoming an unlikely hero of the popular press. Now home from prison, Roger is made to confront his past and his drastic actions. The story he tells reveals a far more complex and agonising chain of events than the press have been led to believe.

Based on recent events in the media, An Englishman�s Home is a solo performance by writer Richard Vergette. Directed by Andy Pearson.

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