Hull Literature Festival 2004 
 the humber mouth  19th June - 4th July 2004

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{Wednesday30th June}

Wednesday 30th June - 7pm
Public broadcast:
Ye Olde Black Boy, High St, HU1
Online broadcast:
A Bastard�s Tale
Free Contact: [email protected]

Set in a clearing, amid the beautiful, tranquil forestry of an antiquated, non-specific, distant land, the treacherous twin brother of the King: Caleb, has returned from exile with a Myth-Teller from afar. But his return brings the nation�s fragile condition to fever pitch; the plebs are determined to see the violet execution of justice.

A Bastard�s Tale is an intricate, original script that gives consideration to the power of philosophical reasoning. Written with verve and humour, it has a social consciousness and historical awareness. With extraordinary verbal wit and political underpinnings, this audio play can be enjoyed on many levels.

Wednesday 30th June - 7.00pm
Hull Central Library, Albion Street

All This Will Be Yours
Free 01482 223344

Three writers will discuss their books and will talk about the chain of support that is invaluable to writers. How can writers support each other? And how do writers influence each others work? Can a writer make it without being based in Hampstead? An event aimed at book lovers, reading group members and writers.

Jane Rogers is the author of several much admired novels - including Mr Wroe's Virgins, Island and Promised Lands, which won the Writers' Guild Best Fiction Award. She edited Oxford University Press's recent Good Fiction Guide. Her new novel is The Voyage Home, a story about a woman who finds out more than she expected from her father's diaries and who is forced to decide whether or not to help a pair of asylum seekers fleeing Nigeria.

Ray French's new novel All This Is Mine has become a word of mouth success among reading groups, a book about a child growing up in the 1960s, likened to Roddy Doyle's Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. He is working on his second novel.

Tom Palmer is an unpublished novelist who may or may not make it. He has had some interest from publishers and agents, but none have them have bitten yet. He has just sent off the last draft of his novel News Junky, a story about TV war as entertainment and a distraction from anxieties closer to home.

Wednesday 30th June - 6pm
Hull School of Media Technology George St, Hull

Critical Platform

An event exploring the relationship between art and language through the work of two artists/performers:

Anthony Howell is a performance artist and poet. He will talk about the interface between performance and language and show a video of Tango Art, his latest performance piece. This looks at the tango as a physical language game, exploring dance as language and language as dance.

Sam Rose is a visual performer who uses the body as a site for the exploration of language and signification. The artist will show work including Surfaces of Inscription which focuses on the importance of language in framing experience and subjectivity and the notion that the body is framed, marked and maintained by language.

Wednesday 30th June - 7.30pm
The Warren


Thought-provoking and moving, this two-person performance takes its audience on a very human journey.

Based on personal experience, Snakebite has been written from the point of view of a gay alcoholic and a woman who�s husband was an alcoholic.

Not suitable for under 16�s.

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