Hull Literature Festival 2004 
 the humber mouth  19th June - 4th July 2004

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Exhibitions & other Projects


{Friday25th June}

Friday 25th June - 7.00pm for 7.30pm
Ferens Live Arts Space, Ferens Art Gallery

The French Connexion:
celebrating Music Concrete with the Electro-Accoustic Ensemble


An exciting programme of music by three leading exponents: Jonathan Harvey (Mortuos Plango Vivos Voco 1999); Jean Claude Risset (Elementa 1998) ; and Francis Dhomont (Le Cycle du Son 1989 - 98) .

Both the Risset and the Dhomont works were written to celebrate 50 years of music concrete and Cycle du Son is performed here in its entirety, diffused over a 'loudspeaker orchestra' and comprises the main part of the programme.

Mortuos Plango Vivos Voco by Jonathan Harvey was originally created at IRCAM in Paris and is one of the icons of electro accoustic music in the 20th century, utilising the latest computer technology.

The music installation Gallery Music (Stanislaw Hansel 1989) will play between 2.00pm and 4.00pm in three of the Ferens galleries.

Visit for further information about music concrete and links to interactive pages, available from June 18th.

Friday 25th June - 7.30pm
Hull Central Library, Albion Street

Valerie Wood, Linda Acaster, Freda Lightfoot:
Romantic Novelists


Three of the most exciting romantic novelists in the region � and the country!

Valerie is married with two children and a grandchild. She won the first Catherine Cookson Fiction Prize with her novel 'The Hungry Tide'.

Linda�s work includes over seventy short stories in genres as diverse as romantic stories, horror, crime, fantasy and science fiction. She has published three historical novels, as well as travel features and opinion pieces in the press.

Freda Lightfoot was born and brought up in the mill towns of Lancashire. She has been a teacher, bookseller and smallholder but began her writing career by publishing over forty short stories and articles and five historical romances under a different name. She divides her time between her flat in the Lake District and her house in a small mountain village in Spain.

Friday 25th June - 7.30pm
Hull Truck Theatre, Spring Street

Benedict Allen
�5/�4 Box Office 01482 323638

Benedict Allen � explorer, author, tv presenter, filmmaker and daring hero for our times � visits the city give an inspirational talk about his adventures in some of the world�s most remote and inhospitable regions. Truly ecofriendly, he is famous for his low-tech expeditions, relying only on the guidance of indigenous peoples and on his survival skills.

Benedict�s adventures include undergoing a six week male initiation ceremony in Papua New Guinea; a 1000 mile trek across Siberia during the coldest winter in living memory; adventures in Haiti, Mexico and Siberia with Shamans and witchdoctors to make the hit tv series Last of the Medicine Men.

Friday 25th June - 9.30pm - 10.30pm
Hull Truck Theatre, Spring Street

The Worst Seat in the House:
Dave Windass

�4/�3 Box Office 01482 323638

A hilarious look at the life of a critic by a man who stumbled into the job by accident. Dave Windass, this year's festival critic, is theatre critic for The Stage, reviewer for The Big Issue, and fulltime journalist at the Hull Daily Mail. As well as serving as a handy guide to what to look out for when attending a performance, this comedic rant - part lecture, part stand-up, part public enquiry - will demonstrate why getting into the theatre for free several times a week is a terrible job. Over the years, Dave has come into contact with many other critics, all of whom appear to do a much better job for a lot more money. He may even persuade several of them to attend and review his performance. Bitter.


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