Hull Literature Festival 2004 
 the humber mouth  19th June - 4th July 2004

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{Monday28th June}

Monday 28th June - 7.30pm
Hull Central Library

D.J. Taylor: Orwell: The Life

The adjective �Orwellian� is now a byword for a particular way of thinking about life and literature, but despite this iconic status, the author of Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four has remained an enigma. Who was the real George Orwell?

Reading from his work: Orwell: The Life - a biography which draws on a mass of previously unseen interviews and material - D.J. Taylor promises to shed light on the life and times of one of the twentieth century�s most important and brilliant writers.

A well-known critic, reviewer and novelist in his own right, D.J. Taylor won the Whitbread Award for this biography. His previous books include: After the War: The Novel and England since 1945, an acclaimed biography, Thackeray, and the novels Trespass and The Comedy Man.

Monday 28th June - 7.30pm
Hull Screen Cinema
From The Margins of S.W. Holmes

From The Margins of� unearths the work of the elusive composer S.W. Holmes. His career, spanning over three decades, will be made public during the Humber Mouth festival via a presentation (including performance) at Hull Screen cinema and a dedicated website archive. The project explores his short-lived affiliations with avant-garde luminaries, as well as his intriguing connections to the city.

A wilfully reluctant figure, Holmes� has previously shied away from retrospectives and accolades; by temperament and by inclination, his work exists �on the margins�.

Monday 28th June - 6.30pm - 9.00pm
Ferens Live Arts Space, Ferens Art Gallery

Red Ladder Theatre Co

Review by Toni

Join one of the country�s most exciting theatre groups for a performance of Soulskin: a story of fractured families , loyalty, destructive pride, responsibility, having to make difficult decisions and growing up. Aimed at young people and their friends, it�s also a story about courage and the ties that bind. The drama explores the experience of one young person walking into the future and trying to make sense of the world in a time of change.

This performance is also showing at the following venues to youth groups:
Maybury Youth Centre Tuesday 29th June
Bransholme Astra Youth Centre Wednesday 30th June

Telephone Ruth Drake, Youth Arts Co-ordinator 01482 616804
Suitable for anyone aged 13 or over.

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