Hull Literature Festival 2004 
 the humber mouth  19th June - 4th July 2004

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Exhibitions & other Projects


{Thursday1st July}

Thursday 1st July
Flamenco Workshops
�8/�10 Tel 01482 616808 for details.
Booking Essential.

Thursday 1st July - 7.30pm
The Tamworth Suite, Dorchester Hotel

Hull Blokes: Play-Ola!

Presenting an evening of short plays and featuring new writers, the Hull Blokes continue where they left off in last year�s festival.

This time, all pieces are inspired by classic some titles and cover subjects from political correctness gone mad, relationships, space pioneers, an unusual society, air travel and all manner of Hull characters. The Bloke�s look firstly to entertain, but hope to give the audience something to take away and think about too.

The Hull Blokes have recently had a six part comedy/drama broadcast by the BBC.

Thursday 1st July - 7.30pm
Wyke College

This is How it Ends
�2 adults Students free

This is How it Ends charts the major conflicts which have punctuated the course of 20th and early 21st century history. Using a variety of different genre � verse drama, satire, physical theatre � the performance travels from a futuristic nuclear bunker back to the First World War to examine the way our attitudes to country and to war have changed.

Thursday 1st July - 7.30pm
EICH Gallery, George Street

Ruth Padel:
The Soho Leopard


I love Ruth Padel�s poetry. She is sexy, strong, rhythmic, passionate, fully alive and a wiz with words � The Times

Sensuous slangy riffs: her cinematic technique is humorous, tender, flamboyant and unforgettable � Independent

Ruth Padel is the great great granddaughter of Charles Darwin and will be reading from her new collection; The Soho Leopard. These hugely enjoyable, hallucinatory and lyrical new poems link mythology and zoological science, crossing Dulwich Pizza Hut with mating alligators and endangered animal species with stage directions from Beauty and the Beast.

Ruth Padel has published five collections of poetry and won the National Poetry Prize. Her previous collection Voodoo Shop was shortlisted for the Whitbread and T S Eliot prizes. She writes the Wild Thing column for the Times, and is also a singer, explorer, rock and opera journalist, member of the London Zoological Society and a friend to animals.

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