Hull Literature Festival 2004 
 the humber mouth  19th June - 4th July 2004

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Festival Critic

Friday 2nd July
Zoo & Logical Times

Friday 2nd July
Increpacion Danza: Tablao

Thursday 1st July
Ruth Padel: The Soho Leopard

Tuesday 29th June
Hijinx Theatre: Into My Own

Monday 28th June
Soulskin presented by Red Ladder
Review by Toni

Sunday 27th June
Richard Vergette: An Englishman's Home

Sunday 27th June
Tim Hunkin: Illegal Engineering

Saturday 26th June
Straw Dogs: John Gray's Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals
Review by Toni

Saturday 26th June
Brian Patten: Gargling With Jelly

Friday 25th June
The Audience: The Worst Seat in the House

Wednesday 23rd June
Simon Crump: My Elvis Blackout

Monday 21st June
Geoff Dyer: Yoga for People Who Can't Be Bothered To Do It



Friday 2nd July
A Review on Increpacion Danza: Tablao
Hull New Theatre

When the lights went down to signal the start of the performance I did not know what to expect, but was willing to keep an open mind. However, when the female singer started to sing it suddenly became clear that it was foreign. I have some experience of different languages but it sounded like moans and after a while she began to sound a bit hoarse, but I probably would too if I had been singing for an hour or so.

Nevertheless, accompanied with the fantastic dances and strange instruments it worked well and I could imagine the feelings expressed. At moments in the performance if you closed your eyes you could picture the waves as they break etc.

To begin with the background looked very plain as it was just white. Nonetheless, when a different dance took place a different moving background appeared. It made an old fashioned dance modern for a new audience. I believe it did this successfully.

Overall this performance was truly amazing and I would recommend people to go see it as soon as possible. It really does live up to its reputation.

Toni (16)

Dave Windass
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